• Christopher Marley, Ricepaper Study

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    • Even intimations at pattern and elaboration can have a dramatic effect when juxtaposed with arcane organisms. Simple Groupings is just such an intimation. Pattern, cohesion and color palettes are only initiated here, and yet the precision and execution creates an inorganic effect that can be startling in its contextual incongruity.
    • Compositions as rudimentary as a butterfly pairing or a simple diamond shape of damselflies can still demand the attention of passersby in an impressive testament to our collective need-for-nature psyche.
    • The Ricepaper Butterflies of Southeast Asia are among the most delicate, lilting and frail of butterflies. Their weak bodies lack the strength to power their flight to anything more than a controlled glide. However, as they derive poison from their hostplants as larvae and retain it in adulthood, their well deserved poisonous reputation affords them ample protection in the wild.
    • These three species are a modest representation of the genus Idea, all of which are similarly formed and colored.
    • Measures 16"X20"